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Swayamprerit Samajik Vikas Sanstha is founded by Shri. Santosh G.Pawar on 30th August 1999. Shri Santosh Pawar was born in very poor family in very rural area. The name 'Swayamprerit' has emerged as collective identity of the self motivated volunteers.During completion of education he faced many problems and t those are the reason he decided to devote his life to do help to poor needed people. He started his social work with small group of friends in sangamner. In primary step he was fight to make awareness in support of become extinct from alcohol addiction, Drugs addiction as well as superstition, unemployment & how to achieve health care. By making road shows, Dramas (Pathnatya) with some of good friends he was continued his task honestly. Arround 56 performance of the play raised some funds for sansta.
In 1999 charming suggestion from one advocate friend and a C.A. friend he was started foundation named as Swayamprerit Samajik Vikas Sanstha in sangamner. During the days his one friend was suffering from AIDS disease and after his death his family found in big trouble. Mr.santosh Pawar was taking responsibility to help the unsupported family & that was the object which makes him to aware with AIDS. He found that the children had missing their parents as an effect of AIDS & many children are left without any support. He decided that he will devote to provide infected children's a environment of families by providing education, books, nutrition, and medical care. And one day he was strated swayamprerit "BalGruha" (Child-care Centre) with around 4-5 children. He was hire a small building by the support a friend. He started to make people aware with sanstha & aims of sanstha. Some people were come in front with a needed help like cloths, food,shelter, and medicine. Some were promise to make a help in building infrastructure & they donated building material as well as needed instruments. After Many efforts Swayamprerit Samajik Vikas Sanstha had purchased a land for Balgruha (AID’S Centre) in Khandgaon, Tal-Sangamner, Dist-Ahmednagar. Now Swayamprerit Samajik Vikas Sanstha is helping Network of 183 HIV/AIDS infected people & 42 children's surrounding the sansta.Near about 20 children are present in “Swayamprerit Balgruha”.

Rather than that Swayamprerit Samajik Vikas Sanstha is also working for women's difficulty & welfare. Swayamprerit is tried to provide free sewing classes, sewing jobs & other home jobs.

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