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Shri. Santosh Ganpatrao Pawar. (Founder & President)

Shri. Santosh G. Pawar is a founder & President of Swayamprerit Samajik Vikas Sanstha sangamner. Shri Santosh Pawar was born in very poor family in very rural area. He is trying to help HIV+ children who are fighting with AID's from rural villages. He is working since from 15-16 years as social worker. When his age was 19 he started social work by self motivation & swaymprerana. The name 'Swayamprerit' has emerged as collective identity of the self motivated volunteers. Now he is at age 32 and is devoted to preventing HIV by educate people and treatment awareness programs as full time work.
During completion of education he faced many problems and those are the reason he decided to devote his life to do help to poor needed people. He started his social work with small group of friends in sangamner. In primary step he was fight to make awareness in support of become extinct from alcohol addiction, Drugs addiction as well as superstition, unemployment & how to achieve health care. By making road shows, Dramas (Pathnatya) with some of good friends he was continued his task honestly.

In swayamprerit "BalGruha" (Child-care Centre) he is thinking as a father, mother and family of the 20 children. He is providing education, books, nutrition, and medical care, as well as enabling environment to HIV/AIDS infected children. He want reach to every one infected children and want to give them support & motivate them for life. He has develops Network of 183 HIV/AID’s infected people & 42 children's by his hard work.
He say’s that “This is only the start & with no closing stage, fight will be unremitting till the end of my life".

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