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Audit Report 31st march 2011.

Khandgaon,Tal - Sangamner, Dist - Ahmednagar
Balance Sheet As on 31st March,2011
Trust Fund or Corpus   15400.00 Land   47000.00
Rserve & Surplus   556770.00 Buliding   478156.00
      Op. Balance 321,302.00  
Income & ExpendA/C   196,045.00 Addition during Year 182,020.00  
Opening Balance 125799.00     503,322.00  
Surplus for the year 70,246.00   Less : Deps @5% 25,166.00  
  Furniture & Deadstock   52,520.00
Op. Balance 19,556.00  
Addition 38,800.00  
Less:Dep.@10% 5,836.00  
Computer   10,800.00
Op. Balance 14,400.00  
Less : Deps @ 25% 3,600.00
Sewing Machine   5,905.00
Op. Balance 6,561.00  
Less : Deps @ 10% 656.00  
Utensils   21,834.00
Op. Balance 24,260.00  
Less : Deps @ 10% 2,426.00  
Investment   3,250.00
Grampanchayat Deposit 1,500.00  
M.S.E.B. Deposit 1,750.00  
Books   4,046.00
Current Assets   144704.00
Cash In Hand 155.00  
Cash at Bank 144,549.00  

Khandgaon, Tal - Sangamner, Dist - Ahmednagar
Income And Expenditure Account For The Period 1.4.2010 To 31.3.2011
To Bank Charges 332.00 By Donations  
To Water Tank Stand 2000.00 Cash 326192.00
To Telephone & Postage 2740.00 Kind 3439.00
To Honorarium 3501.00 By Grant 35457.00
To Misc. Exp. 2584.00 By Interest 2618.00
To Medicine Exp. 3761.00    
ToTravelling Exp. 8406.00
To Transportation Exp. 1585.00
To Electrical Exp. 3446.00
To Repairs & Maintainence 1421.00
To Milk Purchase 8580.00
To Printing & Stationery Exp 1349.00
To Advertisements 3825.00
To Kirana 25547.00
To Vegetables 9976.00
To Light Bill Exp. 1340.00
To Gas 3035.00
To Computer Exp. 1800.00
To Newspaper Exp. 248.00
To Dish Machine 725.00
To Plumbing Material 3175.00
To Activity Exp. 5000.00
To Cloth Exp 22500.00
To Piknik Exp 17700.00
To Shoes Exp 7200.00
To Salary 118000.00
To Deprication 37684.00
To Surplus 70246.00

Khandgaon,Tal - Sangamner, Dist - Ahmednagar
Receipt And Payment Account For The Period 1.4.2010 To 31.3.2011
To Op. Balances   By Salary 118000.00
Cash 132.00 By Bank Charges 332.00
Bank- 79488.00 By Water Tank Stand 2000.00
    By Khidaki 645.00
To Donations   By Telephone & Postage 2740.00
Cash 326192.00 By Honorarium 3501.00
Kind 185459.00 By Walu/Bricks/Dagad 10300.00
To Grant 35457.00 By Misc. Exp. 2584.00
To Interest 2618.00 By Medicine Exp. 3761.00
    By Travelling Exp. 8406.00
By Transportation Exp. 1585.00
By Electrical Exp. 3446.00
By Repairs & Maintainence 1421.00
By Milk Purchase 8580.00
By Printing & Stationery Exp 1349.00
By Advertisements 3825.00
By Kirana 25547.00
By Vegetables 9976.00
By Light Bill Exp. 1340.00
By Gas Exp 3035.00
By Wages 106085.00
By Bed/Cot 24300.00
By Computer Exp. 1800.00
By Colour Purchases 11427.00
By Newspaper Exp. 248.00
By Tiels/Marbels 4850.00
By Centering Works 2000.00
By Books 4046.00
By Dish Machine 725.00
By Plumbing Material 3175.00
By Steel 19243.00
By Cement 27470.00
By Activity Exp. 5000.00
By Cloth Exp 22500.00
By Furniture 14500.00
By Piknik Exp 17700.00
By Shoes Exp 7200.00
By Cl. Balance  
Cash 155.00
Bank 144549.00

Registration No.: F
Name of Public Trust :- Swayamprerit Samajik Vikas Sanstha,
Sangamner For the year ending : 31.03.2011.
( a ) Whether accounts are maintained regularly and in accordance with the provisions of the Act and the rules YES
( b ) Whether receipts and disbursements are properly and correctly shown in the accounts YES
( c ) Whether the cash balance and vouchers in the custody of the mananager or trustee on the date of audit were in agreement with accounts. YES
( d ) Whether all books, deeds, accounts, vouchers, other documents or records required by the auditor were produced before him. YES
( e ) whether a register of movable and immovable properties is properly maintained,the charges therein and communicated from time to time to the regional office and the defects and inaccuracies mentioned in the previous audit reports have been duly complied with. NO
( f ) Whether the manager or trustee or any other person required by the auditor to appear before him did so and furnished the necessary information required by him. YES
( g ) Whether any property or funds of the Trust were applied for any object or purpose other than objects or purpose of the Trust NO
( h ) The amounts of outstanding for more than one year and the amounts written off if any NIL
( i ) Whether tenders were invited for repairs or construction involving expenditure exceeding Rs.5000/- NIL
( j ) Whether any money of the public trust has been invested contrary to the provision of Section 35. NIL
( k ) Alienations, if any of the immovable property contrary to the provisions of Section 36 which have come to the notice of the auditors. NIL
( l ) All cases of irregular, illegal or improper expenditure or failure or commission to recover monies or other property belonging to the public trust or of loss or waste of money or other property there or & whether such expenditure, failure, ommission or waste was caused in consequence of breach of trust or misapplication of any other misconduct on the part of the trustees or any other person while in the management of the trust. NIL
( m ) Whether the budjet has been filed in the form provided by Rule 16A. NO
( n ) Whether the maximum and minimum of the trustees is maintained YES
( o ) Whether the meetings are held regularly as provided in such instrument YES
( p ) Whether the Minutes book or the proceeding of the meetings is maintained YES
( q ) Whether any of the trustees has any interest in the investment of the trust NO
( r ) Whether any of the trustees is a debtor or creditor of the trust YES
( s ) Whether any irregularities pointed out by the Auditors in the accounts of the previous year have been duly compiled with by the trustees during the period of audit NO
( t ) Any special matter which the auditor may think fit or necessary to bring to thenotice of the Deputy or Assistant Charity Commissioner NIL
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